Thank you for choosing to test your Romanian language knowledge with Wordland. This is a complex test, which will allow our specialists to assess your Romanian language knowledge, irrespective of your current level. By submitting to us your test results, you allow us to choose the optimal course path for you, and make customized study recommendations for your further study.

If you are here:

a) you work for a company or diplomatic mission which, in collaboration with Wordland, wishes to offer to you language classes and in order to do so, we need to identify your global level of knowledge in the respective language;

b) you choose yourself to participate in language courses organized by Wordland, and in order to provide support for the organization of your course, you wish to be tested, or were suggested to test your knowledge by Wordland staff;

c) you simply visited our site, and wish to evaluate your Romanian language knowledge.

The testing procedure is offered free of charge to visitors from categories (a) and (b) and your test results will be reported back to your company's HR/training representative, in a consolidated form. For visitors from category (c) the testing will still be offered free of charge, but unless you enroll in classes, you will not receive personalized recommendations for further study. Your test results, will, however, be accompanied by detailed explanations.

In order to be able to send to you your test results, you need to fill out the data fields below. Items marked with a * are obligatory.

Testing procedure

The test comprises 4 (four) sections, each corresponding to a study level. Each section comprises 10 (ten) statements, that need to be filled out with 1 (one) and only one choice from the 4 (four) choices provided.

You are not supposed to fill out all statements, if you do not wish to do so, or do not know how to do so. However, please be advised that recommendations will only be available to individuals who fill out at least 75% of the test's statements, irrespective of the degree of correctness. Whenever you wish to leave the testing area, make sure that you click on the 'Submit' button.
It goes without saying that while filling out the test you are not supposed to browse online, ask for help, or provide random results, as this is going to affect your score, which will not eventually reflect your real study needs.
Good luck!

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