Romanian for foreigners

Wordland Language Programs are scaled from 1 to 6. Their reference to functional levels, as well as their correspondence to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages are explained under each program.

Romanian Language Programs

Romanian for Newcomers/Româna - primii pasi  
Simple Conversation - CEFRL A1
- Identity phrases
- How to introduce oneself
- How to introduce others
- Telling the time
- Telling prices
- Telling phone numbers
- Shopping and restaurant orders
- Ordering a cab
- Finding one's way
- Leaving a message
You have just come to Romania and you are trying to get on with your new life. Language barriers are everywhere, be they simple street signs or complicated negotiations with a taxi driver. Romanian for Newcomers is here to get you off to good start. You will find language tips and language exercises, the unwritten rules of the new social universe. You will be part of the words, the phrases, and most of all, the ideas that keep your tongue rolling.

Romanian Made Simple/Româna pe înțelesul tuturor (1/6)
Simple Conversation - CEFRL A1-A2
- Basic sentence structures
- All basic actions
- All basic vocabulary
- How to find one's way
- How to make an appointment
- How to order at the restaurant
- How to organize a trip
- How to interact with Romanians in simple exchanges
- How to describe one's surroundings
- How to describe the weather
From Wordland's family of Romanian language products, Romanian Made Simple makes it really easy for you to shape your new world in a new language. Romanian words and phrases are presented in this manual in a progressive, easy to grasp way. Grammar tips are clear and ready for use. The most common situations, private or professional, are matched with your growing awareness of the language and in a short time you will be understanding the Romanian language and culture.

Romanian Made Simple/Româna pe înțelesul tuturor  (2/6)
Basic Efficiency - CEFRL B1
- Shopping vocabulary
- Tourist vocabulary
- Office conversations
- How to express one's wishes
- How to express one's likes and dislikes
- How to express how one feels
- How to explain the problems one encounters
- How to sustain lasting conversations
- How to make and decline invitations
- How to explain one's experience
- How to explain one's expectations
A natural second step after Romanian Made Simple (1/6), this course of Romanian will enrich your vocabulary and refine your grammar to the point of easily managing daily tasks and allowing you to converse with your Romanian colleagues. The grammar knowledge you gain enables you to avoid troubles related to etiquette and to clearly express yourself. This second module completes your apprenticeship in basic Romanian in a way that makes you realize how beautiful the language is, and how easy it is to use.

Romanian Is My Friend/Româna pentru nivel intermediar (3/6)
Basic Efficiency - CEFRL B2
- Making arrangements for outings
- Discussing communities
- Discussing cultural differences
- Celebrations, traditions and holidays
- Sports and outdoor activities
- Foods
- Professional contexts and conversations
- Talking consistently about past, present and future
Now that you started up the path of learning a new language, you might just as well keep going. The remaining steps are going to be easy after you have covered the basics of Romanian Made Simple (1/6) and Romanian Made Simple (2/6). In order to realize how creatively you can use the language basics you have now mastered, and in order to create your personal style, you need to complete Romanian Is My Friend (3/6). This is a new language course meant to improve your fluency and enhance the number of active language structures that you can use for general purpose Romanian. A lively language with lively expressions - how could one dream for more?

Friend/Româna pentru nivel intermediar (4/6)
Operational Level - CEFRL C1
- Means of communication
- Business writing
- Helpful phrases for presentations
- Helpful phrases for negotiations
- Discussing the news
- Understanding legal texts
- Understanding official correspondence
- Expressing complex directions
- Describing in detail products and services
- Photography
- Money and currency exchange
- Trends and graphs
- Health care
A long stay in Romania, or professional requirements might be the reasons for you to continue studying Romanian. Romanian Is My Partner (4/6) is a reliable language source, a companion for witty conversation and in-depth analysis of your language skills. You have done a great job with previous language programs, yet, if you feel something is still missing, Wordland has the right stuff for you. Designed as an upper-intermediate language program, Romanian Is My Partner helps you develop the exact language skills you have been searching for all along: 100% comprehension of your language surroundings, no matter their complexity or language standard, and the ability to express all your ideas, suggestions, opinions and wishes. It looks like you have come a long way.

Romanian Is My Partner/Româna pentru nivel avansat (5/6)
Operational level - CEFRL C1
- General phrases for business contexts
- Discussing a contract
- Price and payment conditions
- Participating in lifecycle celebrations
- The gist of Romanian jokes
- Romanian sayings
- Survey information and opinion polls
- Comparing offers
We have come a long way in short time. You are almost fluent in Romanian. This is probably further than you have imagined you could go with a language. If you still feel Romanian poses a slight problem, and there seem to be things you cannot express right away, here is a new language product from Wordland to help you further improve. When grammar and vocabulary are no longer the problem, it means that you have to work a little more on the combinations that result from them. Namely, you have to be able to express yourself freely. The Romanian language, your partner by now, is going to reveal those elements that help you understand and use Romanian globally just like your hosts!

Business Romanian/Româna pentru afaceri (6/6)
Management Level - CEFRL C2
- Handle telephone conversations and meetings
- Explaining issues related to accounting
- Explaining the general performance of a company or project
- Talking about resources and resource planning
- Making oral presentations
- Using a lively vocabulary for presentations
- Customer relations and customer satisfaction
If you want to have a flawless image in meetings, presentations, and negotiations, here is a new language course to help you use the Romanian language in all business contexts. Your colleagues and your partners will be delighted to participate in an all-Romanian work environment where you are their greatest asset and they will readily reciprocate your efforts: there is nothing like a common language for business that can build bridges and establish lasting relations. And this is what Romanian for Business (6/6) is for. A wide vocabulary and an even more extended use of it, in the most complex contexts of your professional life, which are coupled with a mature awareness of the Romanian business milieu.

Diplomatic Courtesy/Româna pentru diplomați  (6/6)
Management Level - CEFRL C2
- The press conference
- Inaugural speeches
- Memorial speeches
- Emergency speeches
- Press clippings and communiqués
- Invitations
- Special events
- Farewell speeches
You might speak a language, yet if you do not know its subtleties, then there are some formal contexts in which you will feel you are at a loss. This is why Wordland has prepared a special language program for formal situations. Based on the experience and acclaim of previous Wordland language materials, this language course will keep you on the right track when it comes to dealing with formal situations, and getting the best out of them. You will impress, delight, and most of all keep the conversation going in all contexts and in all levels of complexity. Other programs Wordland International also offers personalized study tracks and relocation courses. For a detailed presentation and offer thereof, please write to:

We have guests!/Avem oaspeți!  

Special total immersion language program for social interaction and conversation with guests and hosts.

Our daughter is getting married!/Fiica noastra se casatorește!  

Special total immersion language program for cultural, social and linguistic interaction for one of the central pieces of Romanian life cycle.

Instant Relocation/Relocare instant  

A guide that enables you to grasp all the significant data about your host country, tourism, shopping, health, politics and business is here to assist you in the process of relocating to Romania. Alongside cultural and linguistic data, you will find in this book addresses and phone numbers of the places you have always wanted to go to.

Household Help/Comunicarea cu personalul menajer 

If you have encountered problems or misunderstandings arose in your domestic life, it is probably because you have not attended these special classes on how to deal in the most elegant and effective manner with local household help. From the exact vocabulary and phrases you might want to use to the yearly calendar of cleaning one's house and religious interdictions in relation to this, you will find no better way to deal with your household chores.

Exchanges for Formal Occasions/Fraze pentru ocazii oficiale 

While witty conversation is an art, there are a lot of strategies to keep conversation rolling that can be learnt. You can study and assimilate them in Wordland's special course on exchanges for formal occasions and all occasions are given their specific contexts and include all the possible turns and outcomes.

Discover Romania/Cercetaș în oraș 

This course is an exciting approach to learning Romanian, outside your office. With useful conversation practice, you can learn and experience the cultural diversity of Romania, understand Romanian habits, customs and traditions, and get useful tips on local institutions and organizations.

Traveling in Romania/Turism românesc  

f you have postponed continuously traveling around Romania, it is now time to discover what you have been missing out on all along: from planning tips to the most common yet most attractive tourist destinations in Romania. Things to see, accommodation, and itineraries, all packed together with useful words and phrases.

Functional Phrases/Fraze funcționale 

In order to master everyday phrases that get everyone's attention, try this short course in Romanian. You will see just how easy it is to get your meaning across and be efficient at the same time.

Romanian for Children/Româna pentru copii 

A permanent language program, this method benefits from all the creative language presentations and drills that children are ready to assimilate. Developed on the basis of games, rhymes and story-telling, these classes gradually introduce into the children's vocabulary Romanian words and phrases that they can use in relation to their needs of schooling, circle of friends, and playground activities.

Romanian for Parents & Children/Româna pentru parinți si copii 

This language method takes as a study group the family as a whole. The children's process of adjustment to a new participant in their daily activities is easily overcome by the presence of parents, who, in their turn, benefit from the relaxing atmosphere of learning games, not being themselves the main subjects of the class activities, and assimilating vocabulary and basic grammar as they help their children grow into the experience of a new foreign language. For parents with higher expectations, complementary adult classes in Romanian are recommended.