Wordland Language Programs are scaled from 1 to 6. Their reference to functional levels , as well as their correspondence to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages are explained under each program.

German Language Programs (see Functional levels for foreign language courses )

German Made Simple 
Simple Conversation - CEFRL A1
Guides your first steps into the German speaking world and culture. Everyday vocabulary and situational conversations supported by smoothly introduced basic grammar are meant to help you acquire basic conversation skills.

German Is My Friend 
Basic Efficiency - CEFRL B1

As a direct continuation of German Made Simple, this module provides the intermediate version of the conversation patterns studied - grammar is neatly inserted, and vocabulary is expanded for all necessary daily practices and needs. It also introduces general business terms - Insurance, Real Estate, Sales, Banking, as well as business correspondence.

German for Real Estate 
Operational Level - CEFRL C1

A comprehensive, simple and clear introduction to the study of German, tailored to the needs of real estate professionals. Besides the general language of economics and real estate, special entries are devoted during the classes to the language of meetings, presentations, negotiations, and business correspondence.