Welcome to Wordland International!
Since 2001, Wordland has delivered 50,000 courses to 150+ multinationals. Our turnover since 2009 was 300,000 EUR, and we were ranked 5th in Romania in 2009. Wordland is an honest tax-payer and a promoter of Romania and Romanian values. Wordland services address the training needs of companies.

Language Training
Wordland language training addresses beginner, intermediate and advanced learners of: Romanian for Foreigners, English, French, German, and other 10 languages.

Language Immersion and Summer Camps
Romanian Immersion Programs for Expats and English Summer Camps

Relocation Services
Wordland provides: language & culture relocation, special events, classes and seminars in order to make your stay in Romania more pleasurable and profitable.

Other Services include: Translations, Publishing, Language Audit, and more.