Wordland Language Programs are scaled from 1 to 6. Their reference to functional levels , as well as their correspondence to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages are explained under each program.

French Language Programs (see Functional levels for foreign language courses )

Beginner's French (Le Français pour les débutants)
Simple Conversation - CEFRL A1
This course is an introduction to the French language. It focuses on simple situational vocabulary, such as: asking for directions/time, buying tickets and booking places, looking for a job, apologizing, having a medical checkup, etc. It is based on short and simple dialogues and basic grammar.

Intermediate Level French (Le Français pour le niveau intermédiaire)
Basic Efficiency - CEFRL B1 
As a continuation of the beginner’s course, this second module introduces a more business-oriented vocabulary, but also more elaborate everyday dialogues, guiding the learner in how to handle different situations when he/she is supposed to discuss face to face with a French native speaker.

French for Connaisseurs (Le Français pour les connaisseurs)
Operational Level - CEFRL C1
This course uses texts of various fields of interest to revise or introduce new grammatical contexts and vocabulary. It addresses advanced students who want to go in depth with their specialized vocabulary and grammar notions.

Business French (Le Français des affaires)
Management Level - CEFRL C2
This course addresses learners that are well acquainted with the French language and need to have a good level of comprehension and use of French for business purposes. It focuses on the language of meetings, presentations, negotiations and business correspondence.